Lei hulu (Ho'omaika'i).jpg

About My Work

I have loved photography since I was a child.  After a lifetime of taking photos for fun, and with the encouragement of my ‘ohana (family), I decided to combine my passions for photography and nature — these photo cards are the result. 

Through my photographs and notecards, I hope to share my love and appreciation for Maui. Each of my cards depicts a plant or flower, landscape, or other element of Hawaiian culture. On the back of each card is a brief description of the image and where the photo was taken. Many photos were taken on our family farm. Some of the images are of family heirlooms, such as the feather lei worn by my great grandmother almost 100 years ago. Other images were captured fortuitously— such as the first (and last) blooming kalo (taro) I have ever seen.

I hope you enjoy these images, and the images that are still waiting to be discovered.